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Student Affairs Learning Domains

The Division of Student Affairs upholds the tradition of providing and supporting learning and development experiences for students. These experiences supplement the academic curriculum and provide a way for students to apply and integrate the information and abilities they have acquired.  


Using information from national standards and resources and in consideration of Oklahoma State University’s essential learning outcomes within the general education program, five primary learning domains have been identified by the Division, with input from all Student Affairs departments. These domains include: Career Readiness; Critical Thinking; Intercultural and Global Fluency; Leadership; and, Life Skills.  Within each domain, various subcomponents or outcome dimensions are identified, which provide the elements that compose the framework for each area of learning. The domains represent the aspects of learning that will be emphasized in co-curricular programs throughout the Division.


The following rubrics are provided for each of the five learning domains. These rubrics have been developed to guide program providers in constructing and assessing the learning that occurs in each domain. Domains have been defined in the rubrics as has each outcome dimension. Examples of the types of experiences that may produce learning in each domain as well as sample learning outcomes are displayed for reference. To view comparisons between Student Affairs learning domains and other learning domain resources, visit Learning Outcome Equivalencies.

Learning Domain Rubrics

Career Readiness

Critical Thinking

Intercultural & Global Fluency


Life Skills


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