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Staff Publications

Below you will find a selection of recently published articles and book chapters from staff members in the Division of Student Affairs.

 Ehlers, P. I. (2018). Oklahoma State University Career Services. Journal of Career Planning and Adult Development, 34(3), 82 – 91.


Gilley, E., Manning-Ouellette, A., & McClinton Jr., L. (In press). The house that gen z built: Housing style, student success and community at a land grant universityE-Source for College Transitions.


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Gordon, S. R., Day, J.M., Gage, K., Jacobs, S. R., Yarbrough, M. (2020). “I feel like it made a Difference”: The experience of mentoring. Journal of Student Affairs, (24). 126-135.


Gordon, S. R., Shefman, P., Heinrich, B. & Gage, K. (2019). T he role of student affairs in regional accreditation: Why and how to be included. Journal of Student Affairs Inquiry (5)1.


Mach, K. P., Gordon, S. R., McClinton, L., & Tearney, K. (2018). “The help I didn’t know I needed”: How a living learning program “FITs” into the First Year Experience. Journal of College and University Student Housing, 44(2), 10-26.


Robinson, J. (2017). Next generation leadership: The changing culture of leadership in the senior student affairs officer (SSAO) position. College Student Affairs Journal, 35(2).


Taylor, J. K. (2020). Classroom culture: Stories of empathy and belonging. In A. Ellsworth, Cases on emotionally responsive teaching and mentoring. IGI Global.

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