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Catastrophic Refund

Occasionally, Oklahoma State University students fall victim to catastrophic illness, injury, event or even death while enrolled. In the event that this requires a student to withdraw, our university recognizes the need to act in a humane and compassionate manner. We realize that when one of the aforementioned incidences occurs, the best interest of the student is served by refunding tuition and fees for the semester in which the death, catastrophic illness, injury or event occurred.


The catastrophic refund policy is not intended to take the place of or circumvent the policies dealing with student academic failure, basic inability to meet financial obligations or any situation not related to a catastrophic event. Please contact the Registrar's Office (405) 744-6876 and review the current enrollment guide for details on other options. Additionally, Oklahoma State's Catastrophic Refund Institutional Policy as well as information on the OSU Regents for High Education's policy on the refund of tuition and fees is available for review here.


Students and families experiencing catastrophic situations which they believe qualify them for catastrophic refund are encouraged to contact the Office of Vice President for Student Affairs (405) 744-5328. Significant documentation and approval will be required. 


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