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Student Organizations

We promote and encourage cross-campus involvement. 
Through the Department of Campus life, students can join a variety of groups, meet new people and enhance their OSU experience.


to connect with campus organizations. Find one (or several) that align with your personal and professional interests to make the most of your OSU experience.


Undergraduates who record this amount of service time within the community are recognized upon graduating through OSU's CORD Program.

New to OSU?

You just went through New Student Orientation and you may have some questions. We're here to help! Learn more about the Division of Student Affairs and find answer to our frequently asked questions.

Beginning with the Basics 

Whether in need of food and nutritional assistance or finding employment or housing, we want to do our part to help.

Success starts here.

The Office of First Year Success at OSU helps you perform to your potential during your inaugural year on campus. With custom solutions tailored to your unique situation, our office provides sustainable plans to help you navigate first-year challenges.

Your Health & SafetyOur priority

From our Department of Wellness to University Health Services, our dedication to students' health and wellness is paramount. We provide resources aimed at supporting mental health, physical health and everything in between.

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Diversity and Inclusion

Complete Course

Our institution is committed to acknowledging, understanding and appreciating differences among students, staff, faculty and visitors. In support of our efforts for a more diverse and inclusive campus, OSU students and employees are required to complete the annual “Fostering and Promoting a Culture of Diversity & Inclusion at OSU” module. View common questions and answers about the module.

Bias Incident Response

At Oklahoma State we respect and value the diversity of individual beliefs and opinions. The Bias Incident Response Team aims to support individuals that have experienced a bias incident. Our team will work to find viable solutions for incidents.

Free Speech at OSU

Our core value in intellectual freedom at OSU supports free speech. As such, we strive to provide a safe environment for those who wish to express their constitutional right to freedom of speech on our campus.

Current Student Support

Title IX- 1 is 2 Many

Join OSU and its effort to maintain a safe environment where all members of the campus community can live, learn and be successful.

Catastrophic Refund

Life happens, and we know anyone at any time can fall victim to catastrophe. Those experiencing such circumstances are encouraged to reach out.

Mobile Apps

OSU's land-grant mission is manifested in its app offerings. From campus navigation to faculty-developed research apps, there's something for everyone.

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