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Unlocking Opportunities

Tuesday, January 23, 2024

College life is full of exciting opportunities, and guess what? There are Student Affairs scholarships waiting for you! Whether you're involved in campus life, living on campus or making a difference in the student union, these scholarships cover it all.

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So, what's up with these scholarships? Let's break it down.

  • Campus Life Scholarships
    • If you're actively involved in campus clubs, events or organizations, these scholarships are for you. Your contributions to campus life could earn you some financial support for your education.
  • Residential Life Scholarships
    • There are scholarships specifically for those who contribute to the awesome community vibe within campus housing. Your involvement could pay off!
  • Student Union Scholarships
    • Are you a key player in student union activities? These scholarships aim to recognize your leadership, dedication and impact on the student union scene. Your efforts could be rewarded!

Single Application, Multiple Opportunities.

The best thing about these Student Affairs scholarships? You only need to fill out one application to be considered for all of them. No need to stress about different applications for different scholarships—just one comprehensive application to increase your chances of getting that financial support.

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Application Deadline

Circle January 31 on your calendar! Make sure you don't miss it—getting your application in on time is the key to unlocking these awesome opportunities.

How to Apply: Ready to apply?

Visit Student Affairs scholarship webpage to learn about all of the scholarships available to you. Follow the instructions, share details about your involvement in campus life, residential life and the student union. Show off your achievements to stand out!

Student Affairs scholarships are your ticket to financial support and recognition for your contributions to OSU. Your involvement matters, and these scholarships are here to celebrate and support your commitment to making a difference on campus! Looking for more OSU scholarships? Check out the full list here.

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