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Bullet and the Spirit Rider race down the field in celebration of a touchdown.
Bullet and the Spirit Rider race down the field in celebration of a touchdown.

How to Have a Good Game Day

Thursday, September 5, 2019

It’s time for Cowboy football!

The OSU football experience reaches far outside Boone Pickens Stadium. Fans come from all over the state, sometimes the country, to experience game day and all that comes with it. And as a student, you get to be front and center!

So, how do you capitalize on the ultimate game day experience, you ask? 👇

Before the game

The key to a great game day is preparation and Orange Pride.


As a student, you have the opportunity to buy an all-sports pass. This pass gets you into every Oklahoma State home event for every sport for just one price. This year you must download tickets onto your phone instead of swiping your student I.D. 

PETE’S POINTERS: You can charge an all-sports pass to your bursar account!

If you don't want to participate in all the games (but let’s be real who doesn’t) purchase a single ticket.

GIF of a Wonka golden ticket from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

The Walk

Hype up the Cowboys during The Walk to the stadium led by the man himself Coach Gundy, the spirit squads and the OSU Marching Band. Be ready two hours before kickoff on the north side of the Student Union.


Tailgating is an OSU tradition. The purpose of the tailgate is to bring together your family and friends before the game for great food and fun.

All tailgates should be registered through the university. 

For Saturday games, you can start to set up your tailgates at 6 p.m. on Thursday night.

If you choose to take part in the tailgating experience, be responsible. There are certain areas around the stadium that prohibit alcohol consumption, so know where they are.

HINT: If you appear intoxicated at the gates, you will not be allowed into the game.

GIF of Gandalf from Lord of the Rings saying, "You shall not pass."

During the game

You filled up on amazing food, you cheered on the team during The Walk, and now it’s almost time for the game to start. What happens next? 

Student section

Use your ticket on your phone to enter through the West End Zone gate and get a prime spot in the Student Section. To get a front row seat, make sure to get to the gates about an hour early.

If you want to sit for the whole game, we wouldn't suggest the Student Section. This is where the action happens.

PETE’S POINTERS: While the front rows are mostly for standing, there are seats near the student section with a great view and available seating for students.

GIF of Bullet running on the OSU football field with the caption, "Heeeere comes Bullet!"

Paddle People

Have you heard of the Paddle People? This group of OSU students has a long-standing tradition of getting the team excited and making the opponents nervous. The Paddle People dress up and bring their own customized wooden paddles to hit against the wall padding inside the stadium for every game. The result is a loud pounding noise that echoes through the crowd. It wouldn’t be game day in Boone Pickens without them!

Alcoholic Drinks

Beer is sold to visitors 21 and over at 22 locations around the stadium. However, you can not leave the stadium at any point and attempt to re-enter. Please drink responsibly, this means no sharing and do not purchase for friends under 21 years old.

PETE’S POINTERS: NO Re-Entry, if you leave you can’t get back in the stadium.

Need a refresher on the dos and don'ts of social life? Visit our earlier post.

The scoop on food

It’s halftime, you’re SO hungry but you can’t leave the stadium. What should you do? Head over to any of the multiple concession stands inside the stadium!

The 2019-2020 Cowboy Football season will have Stillwater’s favorites, such as Curty Shack, Coney Island, Aspen, Thai Loco, Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steakburgers, Zaxby’s and Pie Five.

PETE’S POINTERS: Students can charge food and non-alcoholic beverages to their Bursar using their student IDs.

GIF of a hamster stuffing its cheeks with a carrot


There are quite a few game day traditions that you will discover as each game happens in BPS, but  here are a few you should definitely know before the game:

The Waving Song is one of our favorite touchdown traditions. It consists of waving one of your arms high in the air, back and forth when we score.

When the announcer yells "HERE.....COMES.... BULLET!" the OSU Spirit Rider will race the flag down the field. This is the time to GO. WILD.

You will want to know the words to the fight song and the Alma Mater hymn.  


You should of course wear #AmericasBrightestOrange every chance you get, especially on game days and Orange Fridays. When it's hot, wear loose fitting clothing to prevent overheating. When it's cold, put hand warmers in your pockets and socks to keep you warm.

PETE’S POINTERS: Wear sturdy shoes that will keep you comfortable jumping on the bleachers touchdown after touchdown.


If you see something that doesn't look quite right, report it. There is police officers and game day event staff around the stadium who can help you. Download the Orange Shield app for quick access to safety resources and hit the “Game Day” button to report something immediately.

First-Aid Rooms are located on the plaza and mezzanine levels (southwest and northwest side) inside Boone Pickens Stadium.

GIF of Michael Scott learning to do CPR and singing "Stayin' Alive"

Most importantly, remember you are a direct representative of our university. Be smart and responsible.

Have a great game day and Go Pokes!

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