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Do's and Don'ts: Social Life

Friday, August 25, 2017

Pistol Pete

Oh, hey there! How’s the semester going? While you’re here, there’s some things we should discuss.

Grab a seat. Let’s chat! 

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Life as a college student is fun, sometimes too fun.

You’ve got the freedom to do as you choose and that can be hard to manage at times.

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Yes, we’re talking about those awkward topics like drinking too much and the giant, uncomfortable elephant in the room -- sex.

Here’s the high points on drinking:

  • OSU is a dry campus, but if you choose to drink off campus, be SMART about it.
  • Those of you under 21 do not get to “choose” the off-campus option. But there are plenty of things to do around Stillwater.
      • HINT: If you choose to drink underage, you’re looking at charges ranging from Minor in Possession (MIP) to Minor in Consumption (MIC) among others. Both misdemeanors at the very least, both expensive.
      • HINT HINT: There is such thing as a Social Host Law. Meaning, if people under 21 are gathered and drinking on private property, the person who provides the location is considers the “social host” and will be held accountable.  
  • Beware and be educated about alcohol poisoning. We don’t need to tell you, but we will -- it’s lethal. Signs of Alcohol Poisoning include:
      • Individual is unresponsive
      • Individual cannot stand unassisted
      • Individual won’t wake up
      • Individual’s breathing is slow
      • Individual has flushed skin
      • Individual is vomiting while passed out

You should never leave someone who is suffering from any of these signs unattended. Friends don’t let friends die because they are afraid of getting into trouble. In fact, did you know that OSU has a “Good Samaritan” clause in the Student Code of Conduct? Check it out!

Additionally, the state of Oklahoma participates in the Medical Amnesty Initiative. This is a statewide law which grants intoxicated minors a limited legal immunity when they seek help for themselves or another individual who is in need of immediate medical attention.

So, if you see someone who is suffering from these symptoms, call 911 immediately.

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Things you need to know about drinking and sex:

  • Consent is required no matter if it's a current, long-term or broken relationship, a causal connection or a marriage.
  • Once alcohol shows up, consent leaves the party.
      • AKA - Once alcohol is consumed, consent cannot be properly given.
  • Consent can only be given when the person:
      • Is informed
      • Freely and actively gives it
      • Is mutually understandable with words or actions
      • Indicates a willingness to participate in agreed sexual activity
      • The absence of “no” does NOT mean “yes.”
      • Any contact that occurs after consent has not been given is classified as sexual violence.

Yes, it sounds scary. It sounds like something that won’t ever happen to you. But it happens too often.

It looks like this:

  • Individual is pushing aggressor away forcibly, subtly or jokingly but aggressor will not stop attempting to change the individual's mind
  • Individual is holding his or her arms tightly around his or her body
  • Individual is turning or hiding his or her face

If you see these things happening, please take action. It might feel like this is none of your business, but if it’s happening in your presence and you’re witnessing it -- it’s your business. If the situation makes you uncomfortable, then it’s probably making the individual feel uncomfortable.

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If someone has sexually assaulted you, know it is not your fault. There are numerous on- and off-campus resources to help you.

Alcohol and sex all too often go hand in hand. Be safe when you go out.

  • Go with friends
  • Never take open drinks from a stranger
  • Always have a sober friend in your group
  • Download the Orange Shield app to connect to your safety options, including emergency call buttons, Safe Walk and reporting resources.

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OK, lecture’s over.

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Here’s what should be in your notes:

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