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Welcome Spring

Thursday, March 14, 2024

Warm weather and the image of Library Lawn in full bloom is just around the corner! As winter turns to spring, we have a lot to look forward to about the new season!

Spongbobb throwing flours as Squidward

On Campus

There are several events hosted on and around the OSU campus to celebrate the spring season! Whether that be a softball game at Cowgirl Stadium or yoga in the Botanic Garden, there is no shortage of opportunities to enjoy the sunshine! See other events and activities on the campus calendar.


Sites to Enjoy Around Stillwater!

Our community offers a few different areas perfect for soaking up the sun and nature around you!

  • Boomer Lake. Located off Lakeview and Boomer Road, the small lake is a community fishing hub, with a walking trail surrounding it and playgrounds for kids!
  • Lake Carl Blackwell. Down Highway 51, west of town, is a beautiful lake and grounds area managed by the University. It offers cabins, RV and tent camping sites. The lake also hosts several bank and boat fishermen. If you have your own, it’s a great place to bring paddle boards, kayaks, and canoes!
  • Lake McMurtry. Northwest of town, just off Airport Road is the more secluded local lake. Similar to Lake Carl Blackwell, Lake McMurtry offers picnic and camping sites. It also offers running and hiking trails as well as Kayak rentals!

*Both Lake Carl Blackwell and Lake McMurtry require entry fees.

Guy falling on paddle board

Preparing for the End of the Semester

 And of course, with the arrival of spring, so comes the closing of the 2023 – 2024 academic year. As you anxiously await summer vacation, don’t forget there’s still more to be done! Trust me, as a college student myself, the temptation to coast to the finish line is always appealing but it’s not really worth it!

  • Stay on top of your school work so you’re proud of the final results!
  • Begin to slowly purge and pack your living space now so it’s not all staring you in the face after you finish your last final.
Lexi from Schitts Creek packing

And if You’re Graduating…

 Don’t wait until the last minute to order your cap and gown or schedule those senior pictures! You’ll always feel like you still have time but it's approaching much sooner than you think!

Oh, and congrats to you for making it this far! The Cowboy Family is rooting for you!

Goodbye Winter!

Adios to the brisk walks across campus and a less-than-colorful landscape! Winter, we will miss your inclement weather days and the surprise break from classes but there’s nothing quite like spring at Oklahoma State.

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