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We're Here to Help

Monday, November 14, 2022

Hey Cowboy Family!

Just popping in to check on YOU. 

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We know that talking about our mental health can be a little uncomfortable, but acknowledging your feelings is the first step and we want you to know that we support you and want to help you to be the best you. 

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OSU’s mental health support resources 

We offer multiple mental health resources available to you, on campus and virtually. You can check out the full list by clicking the button below, but just to name a few, we have:

Explore the full list of mental health resources on campus


Know the Signs

If you are not personally struggling with your mental health, you can still help keep our Cowboy Family safe and healthy. Utilize our training and educational resources to learn more about helping those who struggle with mental health. Training resources on campus include:

See the full list of trainings available to you


You don’t have to hurt alone

The loss of a loved one. Break-ups. Big life changes. All these types of grief affect every member of our Cowboy Family at different times in college. Mourning a loss is never easy and looks different for everyone. University Counseling Services offers grief counseling to assist students in processing their unique feelings and thoughts in a safe and supportive environment.  

Maybe you’re not interested in participating in counseling, and that’s okay! If that’s you, UCS also offers resources such as grief and loss workbooks and presentations. 

Most of all

We never want you to forget that being a Cowboy makes you a part of the most Loyal and True family. We see you, we hear you and we want the best for you. 

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