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There's plenty of things to do in Stillwater outside of sporting events! Enjoy the local culture, arts and entertainment of America's Friendliest College Town.

Things to do in Stillwater

Monday, September 26, 2022

Not into sports? No problem!

There's plenty to do around Stillwater. Museums, lakes, theaters, and more!

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Enjoy the weather and spend time outside!

  1. Boomer Lake - Go for a leisurely walk, enjoy a bike ride, do some fishing, or have fun playing disc golf!
  2. OSU Botanic Garden - Stroll through the walking trails and view the beautiful garden landscape.
  3. Challenge Course - Test your agility with OSU’s Challenge Course through a combination of games and obstacles.
  4. Lake Carl Blackwell - Enjoy the lake and all that it offers including swimming, fishing, boating, camping, hiking, and much more!
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Experience arts, culture, and entertainment!

Stillwater has a variety of opportunities to explore the arts. Whether it’s art galleries, historical sites, or a rich cultural scene that offers something for all interests.

  1. AR Workshop Stillwater - DIY workshops for everyone to enjoy!
  2. Downtown Stillwater Cultural District  - Enjoy visual and performing arts including the 3rd Friday Downtown Art Walk.
  3. OSU Museum of Art  - Check out unique art from around the world.
  4. Town & Gown Theatre - Visit one of Oklahoma's longest-running community theatres that is a gem to residents and visitors alike.
  5. Prairie Arts Center - Partake in high-quality cultural experiences and enjoy a gallery full of hand-crafted items by local artists. 
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Find a unique place to eat!

If it’s your first time in Stillwater, you may get recommendations to visit the go-to restaurants including Hideaway, Eskimo Joe’s, or Golden Dragon. Here are a couple of local restaurants that will have your tastebuds soaring! 

  1. Da Vinci’s Italian Restaurant - Try out some authentic Italian recipes.
  2. Himalayan Kitchen - Enjoy delicious Napali and Indian cuisine.
  3. Don Pibil - Check out some of the best tacos and burritos you’ll find in Stillwater.
  4. D’s Down Home Bar-B-Que - Enjoy delicious BBQ that tastes like home in every bite.

To learn more, check out to discover the many things you can do around Stillwater. 

Have fun exploring America’s Friendliest College Town!

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