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Study Abroad with OSU

Monday, January 29, 2024

Through the Center for Global Learning, OSU students have the opportunity to explore the world around us! You can align your study abroad experience with your own professional and academic goals through any of the following academic college study abroad programs.


Find Your Perfect Program


Study Abroad Process

The study abroad process can be a bit confusing. Especially if the idea has piqued your interest but you’re not sure where to start. Luckily, there are step-by-step guides for major programs such as Reciprocal Exchange, Approved Third-Party Providers, Short-term Faculty-led Programs and the National Student Exchange.

Step 1: Schedule an appointment.
Step 2: Learn about the various program types offered.
Step 3: Speak to your family or support system about funding. To discuss any questions that arise during the application process, make another appointment with the Center for Global Learning.
Step 4: Complete an application for your preferred program. Utilize one of these detailed checklists to help!

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Why Study Abroad?

OSU partners with over 75 universities abroad for semester and academic year exchanges. There are hundreds of additional options for students looking for summer, winter and spring break options. Taking advantage of this special opportunity can give you unforgettable experiences and help you grow in your career and studies.


Hear from a Cowboy!

Studying abroad allows you to travel to a new country for relatively cheaper than if you went by yourself. You can also better immerse yourself in the culture. We visited a small dairy, did a historic walking tour and stayed in a castle. There was something for everyone. I am so grateful for the experience and all the knowledge I gained that I now can share with others.”

– Paige Beadles, Summer 2023 Scotland and Ireland Study Abroad Participant

OSU Student Paige

Embarking on a study abroad journey is not just an opportunity; it's a transformative experience. The possibilities are vast and there is something for every student. Seize this unique opportunity to travel, grow and explore what the world has to offer!

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