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Trees and Edmon Low Library

Springing Into Action

Monday, March 20, 2023

Spring Cleaning 

There’s nothing like the smell of Lysol, closet rotations and early 2000’s music playing throughout the house. For me, it’s a clear sign of spring in the air and summer just around the corner! If you’re preparing for a little spring cleaning, here’s a checklist to use: 

Keep, donate or toss!

While you’re cleaning the junk drawers or rotating your wardrobe, consider what you really use! You’ve got three sweaters that are all the same color? Donate one. Your junk drawer is overflowing with pens that don’t work and crumbled grocery lists you forgot about? Toss it. BONUS: You’ll have less to pack up at the end of the semester!  

Dust the blinds and clean the windows!

With the winter gloom, maybe you haven’t opened the blinds quite as often, but soon there will be sunny days and a nice little breeze. I’m sure you’d like to enjoy that, but the dust on your blinds and the smudges on your windows put a damper on the vibe. 

Deep clean the fridge!

While I hope cleaning your fridge is among your regular cleaning schedule, I suggest pulling out those drawers and shelves and cleaning them individually. Try washing them with warm, soapy water to get rid of any food spillage and bacteria. 

Remember that junk drawer we talked about? Organize it.

Once you’ve separated what you’re keeping and what’s leaving, place everything back in a more organized manner. Repurpose pretty plates and bowls to store cords, stamps, etc. 

Dust those ceiling fixtures!

While utilized daily, they’re likely often forgotten on cleaning day. Grab a step stool or even a chair (preferably one WITHOUT wheels) and get to knockin’ the dust off those fans and lights. 

While we’re discussing dust…don’t forget your air filters!

With summer coming, these puppies are about to work in overdrive. So, let’s start the warmer season off right, with a clean A/C filter. 

Spongebob mopping up a mess

Getting Active  

  1. Go for a walk. Stillwater offers several walking trails for the community to enjoy! Check out Boomer Lake and Meridian Technology Research Park. 
  2. Try some intramural disc golf! Another way to get on the move is by grabbing a few friends and learning this popular sport. Sign your team up to play by April 22. 
  3. Learn to rock climb or enjoy other outdoor experiences with OSU Outdoor Adventure!   
  4. The Department of Wellness also offers a state-of-the-art fitness facility where you can enjoy a workout on your own or sign up for group fitness classes! 
  5. Visit the Student Volunteer Center to get volunteer information for service opportunities on campus and in the Stillwater community! 
woman doing disc golf

Finish the Semester Strong! 

We’re on the downhill slide of the spring semester and it would be so easy to try and just let it breeze by…but we’re Cowboys and that isn’t the Cowboy way. As you begin to buckle down and knock out those final projects and exams, here are a few campus resources available to you to aid in your academic success: 

man sitting at table asking "does anyone know how to study"


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