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Showcasing Student Organizations

Monday, October 16, 2023

Oklahoma State University offers over 500 student organizations on campus! Joining an organization can help you connect with new friends who share the same hobbies, career goals or major! It also provides the opportunity for personal and professional development.


5 Pros to Joining a Student Club or Organization

  1. It can help boost your resume! Presenting yourself as a well-rounded individual can be viewed as an additional asset to future employers.
  2. Meet new people! Sharing similar interests and passions with people can make it feel easier to form new relationships.
  3. Develop new skills! By joining a new club or organization you can develop both hard and soft skills. Hard skills include those that the club is centered around (e.g. country dancing, learning a language, learning computer software, etc.). Soft skills include communication and collaboration with others.
  4. Work with diverse groups of people! No two people come from the same place in life. Each person offers the other a chance to learn about new experiences.
  5. Build a professional network! Especially in degree-focused clubs or organizations, you can gain access to a network of people who will go on to work in a variety of industries!


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Typically, at the beginning of each semester, students can attend the Student Involvement Fair to learn about the various clubs and organizations available to them. Don’t worry, though, if you missed out on this event there is still plenty of time to get plugged in and find a fit for you.


Student Organization Focus Areas

  • Academic Major Related
  • Arts and/or Creativity
  • Campus Committee
  • Campus Departments
  • Competitive Sports
  • Greek/Social
  • Honorary
  • International
  • Living group – RHA, Greek, Off-campus
  • Military/Veteran
  • Professional Association
  • Religious
  • Service
  • Special Interest/Affinity Groups
  • Student Government


There is truly something for everyone and you don’t have to choose just one! Explore all of our clubs here and find your place on campus.

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