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Self Love

Monday, February 12, 2024

During the season of celebrating love, it's crucial to recognize that cherishing ourselves is just as vital as cherishing another. Self-love entails fostering appreciation, empathy and a positive self-image. Cultivating self-love creates a deep understanding of your worth, leading to self-respect and self-care.

Guy saying "Love yourself!"

It looks different for everyone!

Self-love has a positive effect on your well-being in several ways, be it mental health, physical fitness, positive relationships or all three! However, it won’t always look the same for you as it does for your peers. Your needs could be vastly different from theirs and practicing self-care should be tailored to YOU.


A few ways to practice self-love!

If you’re like me, then the first thing you might think of when you consider self-love is a spa night at home or taking time out of your busy schedule to just sit and do whatever you like most in your free time. While it can absolutely be those things, we can always dig a little deeper.

  • Embrace self-compassion
    • Be kind to yourself
    • Practice mindfulness
  • Set personal boundaries
    • Know your limits and when to draw the line in relationships
  • Forgiveness
    • Mistakes are a fundamental part of personal growth and that growth cannot reach its full potential without you forgiving yourself for the inevitable mess-ups
  • Change your mindset
    • This doesn’t mean ignoring the issues you may have around you; it’s choosing to have a positive outlook as you approach a situation
  • Journaling
    • Writing down what you’re thankful for in this season can create positive self-reflection as well as ground you when facing adversity
  • Be cognizant of what brings negativity into your life
    • Maybe this is a toxic relationship, certain eating habits, a daily schedule, or even what you see on social media. Recognizing the source of negativity is the first step in controlling it.
Mark Ruffalo being encouraging

It is far too easy to let the world around us affect our mindset and how we treat ourselves. But the effort you put into the people you value should be the same effort you put into yourself because you deserve it.

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