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Pete cheers you on!
Pete cheers you on!

Saddle Up and Hit the Road

Friday, December 8, 2017

Has someone caught the travel bug?

We know the feeling … guess what? The Study Abroad Office in the Student Union is ready to help cure your wanderlust!

What’s better than spending a whole semester in a beautiful, new country AND getting a quality education?

Pick from tons of great programs and opportunities to study abroad. You can go wherever your little heart desires!

That’s right! So get your passport, pack your bags and a take the journey of a lifetime!

You’ll want to take advantage of this opportunity while you’re in college. Life tends to get busy (and expensive) out in the real world.


We’ve got answers.

So you don’t think you wanna spend a whole semester away from good ol’ Stillwater?

Totally understandable.

That’s why OSU offers short travel courses during the following:

  • Spring break
  • Summer break
  • Winter break

You choose! These courses are designed to give you a fast learning experience so you can make it back for all the fun Stillwater has to offer throughout the semester.

And we can’t forget about all of the Insta worthy pictures you’ll take while you’re there.


You’re a broke college student barely surviving off of chicken ramen noodles? Well we’ve got a solution for that, too!

First of all, you should find a job using, but that’s another blog for another day.

As we were saying, you can apply for several scholarships to help pay for your trip!

I know right? What kind of college would offer scholarships to students so they can travel across the world for the best learning experiences?  #okstate, duh!

What are you waiting for, Cowboys?

Your journey awaits!

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