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Forget taking your car everywhere. The BUS takes you to, from and around campus Monday - Friday starting at 6 a.m.
Forget taking your car everywhere. The BUS takes you to, from and around campus Monday - Friday starting at 6 a.m.

Mastering Campus Parking

Monday, October 1, 2018

You have been here for a little while, so you probably already have a parking permit for your car. If you still don’t, stop reading and go purchase one from Parking and Transportation Services!

Now that you have your parking permit, you need to know where to park. This interactive map will help you learn all of the designated lots.

PROTIP: Avoid parking tickets by making sure you are in the correct lot. There are signs in the lots that tell you what permit that lot is for. If you park in a staff lot or a garage and you don’t have that permit, they will find you and they will ticket you.

Depending on where you park, game days may come with some minor inconveniences for some. For example, if you park in the University Commons area, you’ll need to move your car out of the lot by 4 p.m. on Fridays before home games.

Don’t worry! You’ll be so busy having fun in Boone Pickens Stadium you won’t even need your car.

There is also paid parking (i.e. metered parking and garages) all around campus if you want to park somewhere your permit doesn’t allow.


Feel like you’re running a marathon every time you have to walk across campus?

Look no further than the OSU Bus! There are 10 buses ready to take you all around campus and even Stillwater.

What’s the catch? There isn’t one. The OSU Bus is free with your campus ID.

Taking the bus can save you gas money and reduce the stress of having to find a parking spot.

You can use the bus tracker to find the route for you and even see where the buses are right now.


You have the option to park and ride to class!

Lot 120 at Washington St. and W Eskridge Ave is there for overflow parking. Park here and ride the bus into the heart of campus.

The orange route bus arrived four times every hour. Make sure to use the bus tracker to see where it is!


Cars aren’t the only thing that need permits to park on campus.

Before locking your bike up in a bike rack, make sure you register your bike with Parking Services free of charge.

Once registered, you’ll be ready to ride on to class!

Now that you’ve mastered campus parking and transportation, no more tickets, right?

Be it car, bike or bus, show us how you get around campus using #iamokstate on social media!

Happy parking and until next time, Cowboys!

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