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Pistol Pete and students show off their orange pride.
Pistol Pete and students show off their orange pride.

Gearing Up For Class

Thursday, August 16, 2018

It’s time to put on your brightest orange shirt, pack that backpack and head back to class! Summer vacation is officially over. Just think, we are one day closer to Cowboy Football, Homecoming and graduation. Before you lasso in the new semester, here are a few tips that can lead to success at #okstate.

Get Social

You follow all your friends and family, so why not follow your favorite university? This is where you will find important news updates, contest information and campus happenings. Like and share to your heart's desire. 🍊

Facebook: Oklahoma State University

Twitter: @okstate

Instagram: @okstateu

Snapchat: @okstateu

Spotify: Oklahoma State University

You can find even more #okstate accounts in the social media directory.

PRO TIP: Add hashtags such as #okstate, #iamokstate, or #OrangeFriday when you post on social media for your chance to be featured on OSU accounts.

#CowboyCodeWord: Orange Friday

Orange Friday happens every Friday of the year, and is the perfect opportunity to show off your school spirit with your favorite orange attire. Be on the lookout for giveaway items near Edmon Low Library or the Student Union Plaza on the Fridays before football games.

Want more orange in your social media? Become a Socially Orange ambassador! You’ll get exclusive content to share through your social media accounts. The more points you share, the more points you get and the more chances to win awesome prizes like sports tickets, brick pavers and OSU gear! Sign up today!

Get Organized

Agendas, calendars, notebooks, flash drives, laptops. You name it, The University Store has it! Take advantage of the convenience and ask as many questions as you need. Plus, it's the best place to snag awesome game day attire.

PRO TIP: If you’re in a pinch for an extra scantron, Blue Book or on-the-go snack, Twenty Something (on the first floor of Kerr-Drummond) or Cafe Libro (in the Edmon Low Library) has all of these things, and more!

Most importantly, take a moment to read the syllabus for each course. The first week of class might seem like a great chance to skip, but most professors will jump right into their first lecture shortly after reading through the syllabus. Don’t miss out, and get off to the right start.

After reading through the syllabus, plan out your assignments and make a point to look at your calendar daily. This will help you stay on top of your assignments and be aware of upcoming quizzes or tests. Staying organized is the best way to navigate your way through the semester. Find the full list of important academic dates here.

Get Motivated

The start of a semester is a great time to set some achievable goals for yourself academically, personally and professionally. Strive for some extra study hours, make a new friend and land that incredible internship. Go the extra mile and make this semester yours.

Healthy Habits are a Major Key

College can dramatically affect your eating habits and workout routine. Keep your mental and physical health in shape at the newly renovated Colvin Center. From dance classes, to intramurals, the Colvin has endless opportunities for #okstate students to stay motivated and healthy.

When it comes to staying academically motivated, a great way to stay on track is to attend study sessions and office hours. Many TA’s (teaching assistants) or SI’s (supplemental instructors) will have help sessions multiple times a week to assist students with homework or prepare for exams specifically for your class. Faculty want to help, so stop in and get to know them early.

Having a favorite study spot around campus or Stillwater can help motivate you to put in the extra study hours. Maybe it’ll be in the Library, a coffee shop or even the Union. Find the place that works best for you!

PRO TIP: Never be afraid to stop by a professor’s office during designated office hours. An email might clear up your questions, but the face-to-face contact will show your professor that you care enough to go the extra mile. Your instructors want to see you succeed!

#CowboyCodeWord: The LASSO Center

LASSO's goal is to ensure the academic success of all OSU students by offering free tutoring, academic success coaching and more. To find out more information or to sign up for a tutoring slot, go here.

Get Involved

The Campus Life desk in the Student Union and the Campus Link website have tons of information for a wide variety of student organizations around campus. Being in a student-led org is a great way to meet people who can help make your years at OSU some of the best in your life. More importantly, it gives you a chance to take part in some of our meaningful traditions.

PRO TIP: Getting involved doesn’t mean overworking yourself. You can be a campus leader socially and academically, and still take time to have dinner with some friends or watch your favorite Netflix show. OSU also has amazing on-campus resources to help you relax.

Each semester at OSU opens the door for endless opportunities to better yourself and the community around you. So, don’t forget — you can do ANYTHING you set your mind to!

Have a great semester and #GoPokes.

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