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Full-Time Employee, Part-Time Student

Monday, April 1, 2024

Being a full-time employee while also a part-time student is a big commitment, but with planning and perseverance, it is totally doable. If you are currently employed full-time or are looking to get a full-time job while in college, here are some tips to consider as you learn to balance the workload of your job and your studies.

There's a lot going on right now

How can I be successful working full-time while also going to college?

Determine your non-negotiables: When maintaining a full-time job while also being a part-time college student, there will inevitably be times when you have to say “no.” It is important that you take note of how you spend your time and decide what you can give up if you need to. Make a list of your non-negotiables and accept that you may have to take a step back from everything else until you are on a break or finish your degree. 

Stick to a schedule: Having a set schedule that outlines both your work hours and class times is very important. Build out a plan that incorporates necessary study time and make an intentional effort to stick to it. Scheduling out your week ensures that you will have plenty of time to balance work, class, studying and other activities with ease.

Limit distractions: One of the easiest ways to get off track when pursuing your goals is by getting distracted. These distractions may be anything that keeps you away from your work or your studies (scrolling on social media, binge-watching a T.V. show, etc.) When working full-time, the time you have outside of work is valuable. Make sure that you aren’t wasting it!

Prioritize sleep: This may sound self-explanatory, but rest really does make all the difference in your performance at school and work. With such a busy schedule, it is important to still take care of yourself! Aim to get to bed at a decent time and wake up on time as much as you can.

Take advantage of your resources: Being a college student while working full-time comes with benefits that are not available to everyone! Oklahoma State has resources in place to assist you in your journey. Places like the Writing Center and LASSO Center were created to serve students. Take advantage of what is offered to you and utilize them!

Seek out your support system: Stay close to the people in your life who will cheer you on and fight for you. Be open to reaching out for help and accepting it when it's offered. Having a strong support system can significantly impact your journey of pursuing a degree alongside full-time employment.

Hard Work and Dedication

Be proud of yourself! Being a part-time student with a full-time job may seem hard, but it is possible. You are in control of your success. Your hard work and dedication will pay off! Don’t be too hard on yourself, and be sure to celebrate your accomplishments, big and small, along the way.

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