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Pete snaps a quick selfie.
Pete snaps a quick selfie.

Digital Citizenship

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

The #okstate guide to digital citizenship

Ah, yes. The Internet. Our favorite way to avoid responsibilities and keep track of everything that’s happening to everyone, everywhere.

Let’s be real. The Internet is an amazing place full of endless cat videos and celebrity gossip, but it can also have some unfortunate consequences if you don’t use it well.

#CowboyCodeword: Digital Citizenship

So, what does this mean? #okstate uses the term “digital citizenship” as a standard of how to act online. The key things to remember are: engage and encourage.

You can be interactive online with your friends and family without posting content that will come back to haunt you later on.

The student code of conduct requires all members of the #CowboyFamily to follow these digital citizenship tips when interacting with others on social media. #okstate is committed to creating and maintaining a digital living and learning community. We strive to foster the intellectual, personal, cultural and ethical development of our students.

To do this, we put together eight tips to help you make sure you’re being a good #DigitalCitizen:

Be smart

Use common sense, and think before you post! Ask yourself a few questions such as, “Is this helpful to others?” or,  “Is this kind?” If the answer is no, don’t post it.

Have fun

Social media and apps are designed to encourage engagement and interaction. Use it to build others up, instead of tearing them down. Share dog pictures, not hate!

Post with passion

We all have things we’re passionate about, so whether you love #okstate, cats or your hometown, post about it! Share the things you love with others.

NOTHING is anonymous

If you don’t want you parents or future bosses seeing it, you probably shouldn't be looking at it or posting it. This includes hate speech and threats.  

Share knowledge

Use social media to interact with people of different backgrounds and opinions. Sites like Twitter are places to share ideas, join a conversation and help others!

Be safe

Besides online safety, keep your physical safety, and the safety of others, in mind while using social apps as well. You never know who is behind an account on the internet. If you choose to meet people whom you’ve connected with using a social app (especially a dating app), use caution! Have a buddy system and a way for others to know where you are.

Be positive

You can positively influence those in your social circles! Privately inform others when their actions or comments online might be perceived as hateful, and stand up for those who might be affected.

See something, say something

Use the flagging feature on social media platforms to alert the website of inappropriate content. The faster it’s flagged, the faster it will be removed.

Above all else, remember that you not only represent yourself when you post, but you also represent your friends, family, organizations you’re a part of and the university. Stay safe, have fun and post positive content that reflects just how amazing you are!

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