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It's never too early to be thinking about your future career! OSU Career Services is here to help you with that.

The 411 on Getting a J-O-B

Monday, September 12, 2022

It’s official.

We’ve all made it through the first few weeks of school. We can give ourselves a pat on the back for getting this far in the semester! Now that you’ve got the academics figured out…let’s look to the future!

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Yep, we said it: Get a J-O-B!

While the job search may seem stressful, OSU is here to help!

Career Services is an on-campus department dedicated to assisting you with your part-time job search and career readiness journey. Let’s talk about some of the ways Career Services can support you!

Job Search – Part-Time, Internships and Full-Time

The Hire System is a resource for both students and alumni who are seeking employment. It has a list of available jobs both local to Stillwater (part-time jobs) and opportunities all around the country (internships and full-time jobs). The Hire System has some great features allowing you to customize your search to your needs and interests.

Not sure where to start? You can also visit today to make an appointment with a team of Career Services Professionals who are excited to walk you through this process!

HIRE ORANGE! – Career Fairs

Each semester Career Services and campus partners organize multiple on-campus Career Fairs for ALL STUDENTS. Employers from all over the country come to Stillwater looking to HIRE ORANGE!

Career Fair Week is upon us! Three career fairs in three days. 

  • Sept. 20 — CEAT Career Fair
  • Sept. 21 – Business Career Fair
  • Sept. 22 – Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources Career Fair

Want to join us?! No matter your major or “big kid job” dreams…there will be employers on campus looking to hire YOU!

It may seem odd to be thinking about summer job and internship plans right now, but right now is when employers are looking to fill positions for next summer! Don’t miss out on the position you’re hoping for.

Employers attending Career Fair will post their open positions on the Hire System for you to view, research and APPLY before and after Career Fairs. Remember: Apply, apply, APPLY!

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Let’s get you ready!

Utilizing everything Career Services has to offer will get you prepped and ready, and have you going to the career fairs feeling like a boss!

First Impressions

A resume is a MUST HAVE at the career fairs. This document should include a summary of your qualifications, professional experience, volunteer experience and more. What a great way to make a first impression!

Check out how to build a resume or talk to career consultant.

Nailing the Interview

Interviews can be intimidating, we get it! Career Services wants to help you work out the kinks and prepare to present yourself professionally in future interviews!

Career Services can help with that, too! Check out their interview tips or talk to a career consultant.

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But what will you wear?! 

Well, the easy answer is - business professional clothing that you are comfortable in! One of the safest options to wear is a two-piece suit in a neutral color like black, gray, navy, or khaki. Here’s the Career Services dress for success guide for some more options and visual aids!

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Did you leave your professional dress back home and need it, like yesterday? Or do you need to invest in business professional clothing for the first time? Well, listen up! 

Career Services partners with JCPenney’s once a semester allowing students to shop their inventory at a steep discount!

Shop online – To receive an additional 30% off interview attire text COWBOYS to 67292.

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Free stuff and cheap stuff!

Career Services offers other tools which are available throughout your college career but could be especially beneficial to you before career fairs. Stop by 360 Student Union ANYTIME (seriously, no appointment needed) to pick up or order any of the items below!

Career Fair Plus App – This tool is super cool!

With so many employers attending the Career Fairs, the BEST thing you can do is PREPARE (like we talked about ^up there^) and RESEARCH! Career Services makes both of those easy with the Career Fair Plus App.

Download Career Fair Plus via Google Play or the Apple Store or utilize the web-based version. Here you will be able to 1) view all upcoming career fairs 2) browse attending companies 3) use filters to see who is recruiting your major and 4) plan out your time at the career fairs by “favoriting” your top companies, and see where they are located on the map!

TIP: In Career Fair Plus, make a top five list of the companies you would like to meet. Once at the fair, visit the companies from bottom to top. Stop by your #5 employer first. That way, you’ve practiced and you’re not so nervous once you reach your #1 employer!

Confidence is key, Cowboys.

Now that we’ve given you a few tips to help you succeed, remember this most of all: BE YOU and BE CONFIDENT!

Cowboys, this is your time! Good luck!

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