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Getting a Headstart on Employment

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

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Hey, Pokes! Listen up.

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You might still be struggling with what major to choose or what you want to do after college. That’s a BIG decision, but don’t stress, we’ve got you.

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Oklahoma State University career fairs are a great opportunity for everyone, even those who are not sure where they are heading yet. Employers from Oklahoma and across the country come here to search for potential employees.

Make sure to check out some upcoming events! There’s even a Career Fair for Newbies where freshmen can learn how to be better prepared.

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Here’s some perks of attending career fairs:

  • Great professional networking opportunities
  • Chances to learn about different companies and positions in your desired field/major
  • Could land an awesome internship/part-time/full-time job

You also might get a better idea of what you’re interested in and discover which jobs would suit you best.

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Oh wait, that’s not all. Career Services in the Student Union can help with more than you think.

Before the Career Fair:

Attend a workshop

You can make your own private appointment or attend a short Resumé Café with coffee and snacks. Career services offers workshops covering topics like how to make small talk and techniques for managing anxiety in interviews.

Schedule mock interviews

Practice makes perfect! Say “bye, felicia” to your anxiety and start rocking those interviews.

Take some free headshots

Do we even have to tell you why this is so great? Besides being saves you time.

Build your portfolio

Employers want to see your skills.

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Don’t show up to the career fair empty handed.

What to bring:


Any projects or work samples you have created from your classes, internships or in your free time that will impress employers.

Resume/References (A LOT of them!)

Career Services offers up to 10 sheets a day of free resume paper to students...Pretty awesome, right?

Business cards

Make your own or order standard OSU business cards from Career Services. Don’t any waste time!

Your best attitude

Employers want to see enthusiasm, and they say you’re never fully dressed without a smile!

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One of the most important parts of being a professional is looking and acting the part. Dressing appropriately and being clean and well groomed is extremely important.

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What to wear: Business professional attire


  • Suit and tie, paired with solid-colored dress shirt
  • Dress shoes, not tennis shoes


  • Suits, pantsuits or dresses with a jacket/blazer
  • Dress shoes: appropriate heels or flats
  • Appropriate pencil skirts – not too tight, not too short.


  • It is important to be clean and well groomed
  • Ironed clothing
  • Neutral colors
  • Clothing shouldn’t be revealing
  • Being comfortable is still important

Career Services sometimes has events that allow students to purchase suits at reduced rates.

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Eye contact and Handshakes

Eye contact and handshakes can make or break a connection.

Make sure to keep eye contact while speaking with potential employers. Trust us, they are more interesting than the floor or your shoes.

Shaking someone's hand is another important gesture you should focus on when meeting someone.

Hand shakes should be firm enough make a good impression but not firm enough to break someone's hand. That’s not a good impression.

A handshake should also not be limp. No one wants to shake hands with a floppy fish.

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Don’t wait to get a jump start on your career … Starting now will put you ahead of the game by gaining valuable experience.

We hope to see you there. Until then, GOOD LUCK and GO POKES!

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