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Pokes For Hire!

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Young man shakes recruiter's hand at a career fair.

Looking to add an ‘experience’ column on your resume? Or maybe make some extra cash while on summer break?

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Having a job in college teaches you time management and having a job during the summer is like training wheels for adulthood. It allows you to have a resume with meat on it and some actual experience to talk about in interviews.

Probably the most important reason – it shows your future employers that you can be productive and responsible.

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Plus, who doesn’t like extra spending money?

First, know what you are looking for. There is a difference in part-and full-time jobs and an internship. HINT: One of them you can get course credit for.

Use those resources!

Check with your academic advisor to find out if your major requires an internship. If you’re searching regardless then GO YOU. #focused #grownup

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#PROTIP: Most programs that require an internship generally want it completed between junior and senior year. Even if it is not required, you can still learn skills, use your summer to gain professional experience and beef up your resume.

Now that you know what you need to be looking for, these three steps can help you land that gig!

Start right now.

Local employers and campus departments typically start posting late March for summer positions so now is the perfect time to look.

HireOSUGrads is a great place to start. All positions posted on their website are specifically for OSU students.

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#DYK: Since August 2017, the OSU Hire System has posted more than 900 internships.

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Want an off-campus experience? Browse through websites like Indeed or Even a simple Google search will surprise you.

Sidenote - If you really like a company and would love to work for them but can’t find a position listed, try reaching out. Sometimes risk pays off.

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Get your resume ready to go.

Make an appointment with Career Services before the semester is over to review your resume and get some tips. There are more than 15 consultants to help you. From mock interviews and consultations to everything you ever need to know about a job.

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Another great tool for finding a job is NETWORKING.

Talk to your friends, your professors, peers, previous employers, aunts and uncles or even your grandparents. Any connection you may have could possibly lead to a great opportunity.

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Get on it. Job search your heart out and make your mom proud!

If you need more information on the job search, hop on over to Get a Headstart on Employment.

Go get em, Cowboys!


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