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Gearing Up For Class

Monday, August 21, 2017

Pistol Pete and students show off their orange pride

It’s time to don your brightest orange shirt, pack that book bag and head back to class! Summer vacation is officially over. Just think, we are one day closer to Cowboy Football, Homecoming and graduation. Before you lasso in the new semester, here are a few tips that can lead to success at Oklahoma State University. 


Get SocialYou follow all your friends, why not your favorite university? This is where you will find updates, contests and campus happenings. Like and share to your heart's desire.

Facebook: Oklahoma State University

Twitter: @okstate

Instagram: @okstateu

Snapchat: @okstateu

Follow all the #okstate accounts at social media directory.


And on Fridays we wear orange! Snap a picture and post -- you might just be featured! HINT: Use #iamokstate or #okstate.



get involvedAgendas, calendars, notebooks, flash drives, laptops. You name it, The University Store has it! Take advantage of the convenience and ask as many questions as you need. Plus, it's the best place to snag awesome game day attire.

But in all seriousness, take a moment to read the syllabus your professor gives you. Then plan out your assignments and make a point to look at your agenda every day. This will help you stay slightly less stressed out and on top of your assignments. Staying organized is the best way to navigate your way through the semester.


Losing steam on your New Year's Resolution? The start of a semester is a great time to set some achievable goals for yourself academically, personally and professionally. Strive for some extra study hours, make a new friend and land that incredible internship. Go the extra mile and make this semester yours.

Office Hours are Your Best Friend

Utilize office hours -- your professors are here to help you succeed. Even just asking questions in class can be a huge help. Chances are there are other people who have the same questions as you.  



get involvedThe Campus Life desk has tons of applications for a wide variety of student organizations around campus. Being in a student organization is a great way to meet people who can help make your years at OSU some of the best in your life. More importantly, it gives you a chance to take part in some of our meaningful traditions.

Take a Break

Have fun with organizations but make sure to take some time for yourself. College is hard and can take a mental toll on students. This transition is one of the biggest in your life. Take a walk or go to dinner with some friends. Just a little time away from class work can help alleviate some stress. If that’s not helping, there are some amazing resources on campus for you.

Pete’s Pet Posse allows the OSU community to snuggle and love on trained therapy pets. The dogs make visits to campus during high stress periods like midterms and finals week.

Reboot Center offers a relaxing and supportive environment for learning skills to improve stress management.

The Student Counseling Center offers some great resources for anyone. You should never hesitate to visit with someone if you feel it would be good for you.

You make campus brighter and happier.

Check back for more pointers throughout the year.

Have a great semester! #GoPokes

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