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Campus life is the best life

Friday, April 6, 2018

Pete meets up with some friends for lunch on campus

The year is soon coming to a close and you may or may not know where you are going to live next year. Did you ever think to live on campus after your freshman year?

Why not?! You only get four years of undergrad. Make the most of your experience, live that #OrangeLife while you can!

Living on campus comes with so many perks that you can’t get anywhere else!

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Just to name a few:

Friendship & Support

Nothing screams friendship like brushing your teeth together in the morning. You’ll make friends quicker than ever before!

#DYK all housing and residential Life staff are available 24/7 to provide you personal and academic support.

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Convenience AKA the easy life

No long walks to class = more sleep. You avoid the race to find a parking spot every morning. Maintenance issues are pain free with the 24-hour emergency maintenance staff on-call.

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Choose from more than 30 dining options on campus. With that many options, there is something for everyone. Best part: you don't have to grocery shop!

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What’s better than meal planning? Saving time by picking up a healthy grab and go meal or snack. Did you know grab and go meals are available at Roots in North Classroom building, Newton’s in Henry Bellmon and Dash in North Dining?

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OSU is one of the safest campuses in the Big XII. Your safety is a top priority. #okstate has their own police force to protect everyone 24/7, even providing safe walks.

Download the Orange Shield app to connect with the campus police immediately.

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Better grades

Let’s be honest … you’re more likely to go to the library if it’s only a short walk away, right?

Students who live on campus make better grades, are more involved and graduate earlier than students who don’t.

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With all these benefits, why wouldn’t you consider staying on campus?! Hop on over to residential life’s website to learn more and plan your living arrangements for next year!

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