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Put Your Best Selfie Forward

Monday, November 13, 2017

Pistol Pete takes a selfie.

Do you cringe every time you look at your Facebook posts from seventh grade? The rest of the social media world does, too. #RealTalk

Security guard looks away, ashamed

Now that you’re an adult, it’s time to have less of a #YOLO attitude about what you’re posting on social media.

These tips might even help keep you from being unemployed after college.

Back to the basics

Step one is to delete the posts you wouldn’t want your grandma to read.

For. Real.

Don’t forget the tagged posts from your friends! Guilty by association is absolutely a thing when employers are looking at your page.

Guilty boy looks away from camera

To be safe, turn all your previous posts to private and individually change those you want to showcase to public.

Stranger Danger

Don’t add anyone you don’t know.

Stranger danger gif

Those bots that add you on Instagram and send you inappropriate messages can actually hurt your social media presence in a Google search.

Consider who you’re being associated with when adding new people. That guy from middle school might be really hot now, but if his bio contains multiple expletives, maybeee don’t add him.

guy shakes head no gif

Filter your words, not your pictures.

Consider building a profile you would be OK with employers reading by highlighting things you’re doing on campus, volunteer experience you’re getting and information you’re learning.

While you’re at it, clean up your grammar. If you haven’t stopped spelling words with unnecessary “zzzzz”s, now is the time.

It’s also probably best to stop broadcasting drama at every moment of the day.

girl dramatically faints on sofa

Look at how far you’ve come

Log out of your social media and take a look at your profile from a public perspective.

hashtag respect my journey gif

Look for things you didn’t think about before and practice getting in a habit of proofreading your social media before you post anything. A little effort will go a long way.

Also remember, all members of the OSU family are encouraged to follow these digital citizenship tips when interacting with others online.

We’ve seen some great social media posts using #iamokstate. Keep ‘em coming, Cowboys!


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