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It’s All About the Shirt!

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Pistol Pete Passes Out Tees

How many times have you been told to go Greek? How many times have you heard about MGC and PLC and FRC and SGA and FIT and on and on? Do the acronyms hurt your head? Makes you want to shout, ENOUGH! No more alphabet soup.

Giphy Gif, Alphabet soup

The truth is you can get involved if you want to. Yes, we are talking to you.

Being involved makes it easier to make friends and connections on SUCH a large campus.

If you’re not in President’s Leadership Council or Freshman Representative Council, it’s not the end of the world.

Not everything in college is easy, but finding something you’re interested in can be.

#okstate has more than 500 student organizations on the Stillwater campus, so there is something for everyone.


Power in Numbers 💪

A great place to start is CampusLink. It’s basically your go-to for anything organization-related. It has everything from Gamers of OSU to Tango lessons.

Check out the Events tab to get a nifty calendar of things going on around campus.

PRO TIP: Use keywords to narrow your search to events you would actually go to.

Speaking of calendars, the campus calendar will be your friend the whole time you’re here. Nothing planned for tonight? See what you can fill the time with. Take a friend, or make friends there!

giphy gif: Calendar of events

It won’t take you long to figure out that the Student Union is where it’s happenin’. The Student Union Activities Board literally exists to make sure there are things for students to do. Figure out which one or 10 might interest you.


We goin’ to the ‘ship! WHAT!

giphy gif: we going to the ship

For the competitor in you, check out intramural sports. You might get a new championship T-shirt and we know…. “It’s all about the T-shirt!” Go get ‘em, Cowboy!

This campus is huge, and it’s full of opportunities.

  • Do something you’ve never tried before!
  • Try rock climbing at the Colvin or a new group fitness class to get your body moving.
  • Seek out international food at University Dining spots. HINT: If you live in the Commons, you’re minutes away from Mexican, Japanese and Mediterranean food at North Dining.

Pssst…. Tons of event and organization info lands in your student email. #shocker

So don’t let all of the info overwhelm you…pick that one thing that stands out and go for it. Tomorrow is a new day!

Enjoy your time here! It doesn’t last forever.


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